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and anyone that is a parent feels the same way. he's doing as best as can be expected. >> as part of that autopsy they'll be doing a toxology screen so they can see if she may have had drugs or alcohol in her system. >> here is the green line following along pioneer trail to the horizon casino resort about five miles. the red line shows a path from festival to location where authorities located her body. you can see it's opposite direction from the hotel. >> well, her family and friends were so hopeful when she disappeared shah that she was okay. they never expected news they got today. abc 7 news joins us now from petta luma. heather? >> her father kevin has been in tau tao, helping to search
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for his daughter. at about 3:00 issuing a statement thanking everyone who had been heching and offered support for the family and many different ways. he went on to say our family is devastated we were miss alista. she will be in our hearts forever. many others here in peat peta luma feel the same way. >> this steady stream arrived inside of a baseball cap, an inscription for my little leaguer, rest in peace. >> she just was a people pleaser. she just was a great, great girl. and she'll be missed. >> police came to the house at about 11:00 this morning to pick up belongings brought back by her friends. a group of them had gone together for a three-day concert in last saw her late new year's eve. today, they met outside of her house. filled with regret they hadn't done more to watch out for her as she left the party.
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>> saw her and saw she was messed up# but like i said, alisa takes care of herself. and now think bigt, everything i should v i should have asked her if she was okay, you know? >> the town had rallied in hopes of finding her. there were yellow ribbons a face book page. a friend was working on a painting she intended. now, it will be filled with condolences for her family. >> she can make anyone laugh, anyone sad, extremely happy. she could do anything. >> byrne was working as a hosts at cattleman's restaurant hoping to settle on a career goal this year. >> she was a very wrong, confident young lady who had careers in mind. and just tragic. it's just tragic, whamd to her. >> loved to participate, and
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active with her friends. and her family. so hefr live ended way too soon. >> it's clear how much she was loved by her family. it is also clear how much she biárqgds sayy shaed a tattoo. saying i love my mother, father, and brother. >> thank you so much. this tragic discovery affected many people, hundreds of viewers are leaving their condolences for the family on our face book page. you can join that conversation and our team coverage of the tragic story will continue on abc 7 news at 6:00. we're going to be live in petaluma as people gather there to remember a young life taken much too soon. >> three men appeared in court together today.
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to face charges they kill aid businessman during a home invasion robbery. the suspects did not look at each other or speak to each other during hearings. lucas anderson along with javier garcia and deangelo austin accused of murdering ravi kumra. prosecutors believe he also assaulted kumra's wi. a fourth person charged as an accessory from murder. >> a court appearance for a man accused of committing the 46th and final murder of 2012. police say the 26-year-old shot anda5=%m killed 26-year-old christopher soriano during a confrontation at a apartment complex where fernandez wrks. reports say hernandez was told to detain soriano believing he may be linked to car burglaries.
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>> mother of a man arrested this week after he held police at bay in an impassioned plea are for help today. >> she pleaded with authorities for help in court today saying her 29-year-old son is not himself mentally now. he was arrested new year's day after a three hour standoff in san jose shouting you're going have to kill me several times. a s.w.a.t. team took him down withiq4s a. and an outbreak of a contagious noro virus in mill valley sickening them with 27 facility christmas eve. today, the public health officer confirmed the deaths there have been three
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outbreaks. there is no vaccine for the illness and officials say good huge yeen is the key here to preventing it. >> in san jess yeah, arson investigators smelled gasoline in a fire burning part of a medical marijuana dispensary near highway 101. abc 7 news reporter has more on what may help investigators find a cause. >> they're quickly cleaning up w negative feeling. reports say it does appear the fire was intentionally set. >> it's upsetting you know? we try to be an established pillar here. >> firefighters say the broken window is one of several clues that indicates arson. >> what makes this sus spishus is that the building was not occupied at the time of the firex/?b was an odor of gasoline. >> officials say they have no
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idea why someone wants to burnt place down. >> this is unfortunate, but something we're police pressed to deal w we have a good company. >> the security company monday terz all cameras around the building 24-7. >> i mean before as the sun was out. >> some people who work in the area are corned about having a marijuana clinic as a neighbor this, location has had a burglary and loitering issues before. >> maybe like more people, police watching us. maybe have less of them. everywhere you go, it's like liquor stores now. >> secm:uif system is top notch. there is maybe hadding -- adding more cameras for a distance that, if that happens. >> temperatures say won't say what surveillance cameras captured if anything.
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in san jose, abc 7 news. >> pg&e crews hope to finish being topper yell bid a driver trying to get away from police. the bmw leveled the pole near the cal train depot just before 2:00 a.m. that came moments after patrol officers stopped chasing the driver. 2500 homes and businesses lost power after the crash. crews restored power by 9:00 a.m. in san francisco. the driver of the bmw escaped. >> chevron own firefighters may have caused last august's fire in the richmond refinery to get bigger. the board discovered a puncture that appears that pipeline might have been penetrate bid a firefighter tool. the board emphasizes the fire may have happened with out this mishap.
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thousands claimed smoke from that fire made them sick. >> the scandal over hidden cash in the park budget takes a turn tonight. abc 7 news joins us in sacramento. the reports found the money hidden more than 12 years? >> 70 state parks were scheduled to shut down. just as they're about to happen a surplus of $54 million found hidden in two of the agency's funds. no one reported the extra money. a new stinging report by the million of it partly collected through entrance fees was concealed. >> sounds like a cover up. >> it's -- there was some covering up that was done. >> investigators found the
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failure to report the surplus became conscious, possibly as early as 19999. top budget officers were aware of the diskrep pensy. numerous individuals failed to take appropriate action. lower level employees just followed orders to keep quiet. former state parks director declined to participate in the have led oughtit tores to conclude higher ups were afraid their budget would be cut if moneys were revealed and then, too embarrassed to >> whether that rises to criminal level or not we're going to have to make that determination. >> all but one employee left or retired from state government. it's interesting to note that those very same people also concocted a vacation buyout
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for dozens of park employee who's got cash for unused leave. state senator mark menno chairdz the budget committee. >> we need public trust. when this situation arises it's detrimental in a department we all love. >> in the end, lawmakers sent money on parks and policies were put in place so that this deception doesn't happen again. >> thank you. reality tores and homeowners are seeking state tax relief. a state senator introduced a bill to bring california in line with federal law. congress gave home own yairz break this week, waving taxes on forgiven mortgage debt another year as part of the fiscal cliff deal. but the california exemption lapsed at the end of%+] 2012 so it's considered taxable income. >> for lenders to do principal reduction and encourage
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borrowers and last thing you want is at the end of the year to get hit with a tax bill. it will be a boon to homeowner autos but homeowner woz have paid taxes on amountsing for given through short sales, loan modifications and foreclosures. >> still to come jentsing day for a man that went to extremes to stalk his exgirlfriend. >> a mother under arrest for reporting her son missing. and wait until you hear where police found him. >> i'm sandhya patel. live from the roof of the broadcast center time to start searching for umbrellas. we have rain coming to town this weekend. i'll have timing coming up. >> it's the end of a football legacy. the coach putting down a clip board after three decades.
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authorities respond to a call about a missing autistic child arrested the mother after the child was found in her messy apartment. the 30-year-old arrested on sacramento county officers responded and found coke roaches, dirty diapers and trash piled up and also found a 9-year-old child sitting in his bedroom wearing urine-soaked clothes. authorities have taken the child and his brother into protective custody. >> a berkeley grad convicted of stalking an ex-girlfriend will spend nearly 20 years in prison. investigators say in 2010, jose moreno broke into his former girlfriend's apartment
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and prulters say that didn't stop him. >> he was rejected and wasn't in control of the situation z that is what made him be manipulative, scary individual he was. >> i don don't think that life will be the same. but the healing process starts now. >> moreno will be eligible for parole after serving nine years if releed -- released he will have to file for a registered sex offender for his life. >> shifting gears now. the coach behind the longest running sports dynasty announced his retirement today. taking over a football program in 1979. spartans rose to heavy weights. the coach playsed his players
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for the commitment to the game.dbpd >> their hard work enspirded me. they made this more than just football. >> well, he won 399 games but points out relationship was players that defined his careers. he wrote about the juggernaut he built and a movie is in the works. >> kobe bryant sent his first tweet today.2
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filter autos when it comes to parking on sunday in san francisco, starting this weekend, you're going have to pay to park from noon until 6:00 at all 29,000 parking meters. parking officials say that move is needed to ease congestion. it's also going to raise much-needed revenue about $2 million. city will not begin ticketed until later on this month. drivers will be issued warnings for first three sundays to you get a bit of a break. >> crews created the world's biggest light sculpture kale kaul baid light. start workers started stringing the lights overnight on the western span. the artist told whus finished it will stretch two miles high,. >> we're 40% of the way there.
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i'll be able to turn on lights and seeing what they can do. this is something i can't create and send myles files down. it's something very to be in front of and tune it. almost like an instrument. >> when finished perhaps in march, lights will twinkle and patterns for two years. >> that does look cool. >> sandhya is up on the roof. >> maybe some rain. >> that is right. it's actually getting milder every night here. this morning not as cold as last couple mornings. this afternoon, it's milder that be it was last couple days so beautiful day today. want to show you a live picture. looking at they?7e after glow of the sunset we have high, thin clouds coming through giving us a beautiful glow.
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things are start tok change. we have radar. this is in combination with national weather service radar down towards monterey bay. we'll be tracking a storm heading into the weekend. it's not going to be a washout. temperatures upper 50s to mid-50s. this afternoon, all the way up to 64 degrees in emergencian hill. so as mention aid lfly day. rain arrive was a chance of showers sunday. sunny milder weather for monday and tuesday0ñ. many of of you heading back to work or school. it's looking better, temperatures looking better than this morning. clouds keeping us insulated. 33 santa rosa. vallejo, fremont 37 degrees.
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san jose, 29. so still chilly. but changes are coming with rain arrival next storm just over pacific there. you can see. here is the timing. plans looking just fine. we're getting light to moderate rain by. 5:00 p.m. pretty much everyone seeing wet weather. rain switches to showers, heading into afternoon could be a hit or a miss shower sunday does not look like an all day wet event f you had to pick or choose outdoor plans sunday would be a better day. rainfall totals look like this. two tenths to six tenths of an inch in the north bay. south bay work to tenths to four tenths of an inch. want to enjoy snow before work
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to work, back to school it's going to be snowing sunday, mom, mostly sunny skies. 30 on sunday, partly sunny skies. here in the bay area, you'll need rain gear, chilliest weather up north. low to mid-50s for the rest of the bay area. cooler as rain comes in. temperatures will be running will heer. mid to upper 50s as you look at the raft rain tomorrow, chance of showers sunday, partly cloudy skies, milder weather monday and tuesday. temperatures falling again. thursday, slight chance of showers. a chance of showers coming in on friday. that is the accu-weather forecast. i want to say hello, shout out to russ and lynn on the embarcadero saying we saw you. we're taking a storm. so, anyway. thanks for watching. and liking the live of the
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kgotv broadcast center. it's lovely here, changing weather is coming. dan? cheryl? i'm sandhya patel. >> thank you. sandhya waving at people walking by. >> sweet. >> big shout out to you, sandhya. >> still to come,h8hu finney's friday free stuff with a healthy snack. >> then at 6:00 a new service from facebook allowing you to call your friends free, forever. 1111111g
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all right, weekend is here. >> you know you figure big comp raigss always top down? >> yes. >> this is a chicken sandwich invented locally in our local mcdonalds only available here in the bay area, by the way. i think it's interesting. it's called the mcdonald's mcchicken deluxe sandwich
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going for only $2. you can vit anyway you want because they're made to order so they'll fit your diet standards.=i/b >> and that is a white cheddar cheese. >> you didn't want this back, thank you? >> it's pretty cool. >> if you need a snack kind health, healthy grains. it's gluten free. it's -- read the gold writing on there. >> ingredients you can see and pronounce. >> i love those guy autos good one. >> that is $2.99. >> how do we get this? >> what a great question. there you go. call that number. there you go. or log on to abc 7
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>> fabulous. you're the
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coming up a victim of this crash is in critical condition tonight. tonight his mother's plea to reunite they're family. also, on abc 7 news a rap sheet of a man busted for conning parking lot patron autos now two, pictures san francisco river otter turning into a huge attraction. >> that is right. sutro sam named that since taking up residents and brought out big crowds to the area today. >> video cameras and folks want to record him. and also has his own twitter account.
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this is "world news." tonight, airplane arrest. a pilot fails a breathalyzer test. why did officials suspect he'd been drinking? new jobs. what the experts say the economy is about to do next. real picture. the gritty new video from the u.s. navy warning what can happen if you abuse a dangerous new drug. and mystery man found. an old photo of princess diana with a man in the picture, labelled not to be published. we tracked down the man who had everybody talking. good evening on this friday night. as we come on the air, information is still pouring in about what happened to a passenger flight out of minneapolis today. a pilot was arrested after failing a breathalyzer t

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